Collection: by Wendy Yothers

wendy yothers silversmith original canes teapots sterling silver

Wendy Yothers is a silversmith by profession. She specializes in restoration, prototype making, and production smithing, and has smithed for Tiffany & Co. and Kirk Stieff & Co. She is currently a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Yothers received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The College of Architecture and Design at the University of Michigan. She attended the National College of Goldsmithing in Finland, and the Guldsmedehojiskolen (Insitute for Precious Metals, Copenhagen Polytechnic) in Denmark.

Yothers has lectured widely, including in China, India and Italy, and has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and articles. She has created many commissions over the years, including "A Chalice for Two Covenants" that was presented to Pope Benedict XVI, and "The Golden Brigade" : The Legacy Project for the Vietnam Veterans of the 82nd Airborne. She has received many awards for her work, and has exhibited her pieces in over 50 exhibitions throughout her career. Yothers' work is included in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian, Museum of the City of New York, and Corning Museum of Glass.