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Tiny Chrome Diopside Stud Earrings

Tiny Chrome Diopside Stud Earrings

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Add a pop of brilliant green to your style with our stunning chrome diopside stud earrings! Handcrafted in our northern Michigan studio, these post earrings feature breathtaking faceted green stones that sparkle and will captivate everyone around you. Chrome diopside is known for its powerful metaphysical properties, making these earrings not only stylish but also a symbol of positive energy and healing.

Hanni pins the chrome diopside stones with melted balls of sterling silver, adding a touch of elegance and ensuring the earrings are both durable and long-lasting. She also cuts a notch near the ends of the posts and polishes the tips to make them super comfortable; ships with sterling silver push-backs. Because of how these are made, it is normal if the stones spin a bit on their setting. Ships in our signature silver jewelry box.

**CHROME DIOPSIDE has various properties that can enhance the wearer's physical and emotional well-being. It has a calming and grounding effect, helping to soothe anxiety and reduce stress. Chrome diopside also boosts one's confidence and increases creativity. Some believe that it has the ability to improve communication and enhance relationships, making it a popular choice for those looking to improve their personal and professional connections. Overall, chrome diopside is believed to have powerful healing properties and is highly valued by those interested in crystal healing and energy work.

**As the colors shown on monitors vary based on resolution, device/monitor type, and ambient lighting, please allow for some color variation.

SIZE : about 3.8mm across, 3mm high - TINY - CHECK SIZE PHOTOS!
MATERIALS : Chrome Diopside, Sterling Silver

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