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Hessonite Stud Earring

Hessonite Stud Earring

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We're in love with the deep color of our stunning 6mm faceted round Hessonite stud earrings, handmade in our northern Michigan studio. These earrings feature the mesmerizing warm orange-brown hue of the Hessonite garnet, cut into a classic round shape and expertly faceted to showcase its natural beauty. Hanni pins the round hessonite garnet stones with melted balls of sterling silver, adding a touch of elegance and ensuring the earrings are both durable and long-lasting. She cuts a notch near the ends of the posts and polishes the tips to make them super comfortable; ships with sterling silver luxury push-backs. Because of how these are made, it is normal if the stones spin a bit on their setting. Ships in our signature silver jewelry box.

**HESSONITE garnet is a vibrant force of nature, a dazzling connector of the wearer with the earth's inner fire. Its warm, orange-red-brown hue radiates with an energy that stirs the soul, igniting a passion for life. This magnificent gemstone is more than just a mere mineral, it is a symbol of vitality and strength, which helps the wearer harness the power that lies within. Hessonite garnet is a talisman of transformation, inspiring us to embrace change and ignite our own inner fire, and providing courage for our personal endeavors.

**As the colors shown on monitors vary based on resolution, device/monitor type, and ambient lighting, please allow for some color variation.

SIZE : 6mm around, about 1/4 inch, SMALL - CHECK SIZE PHOTOS!
MATERIALS : Hessonite garnet, Sterling Silver

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