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Peridot Stud Earring

Peridot Stud Earring

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Add a pop of spring green to your jewelry style with our stunning peridot stud earrings! Handcrafted in Hanni's northern Michigan studio, our August birthstone peridot post earrings feature beautiful green peridot stones that evoke a sunny spring day and are symbols of the sun's energy. Hanni pins the round peridot stones with melted balls of sterling silver, adding a touch of elegance and ensuring the earrings are both durable and long-lasting. She also notches near the ends of the posts and polishes the tips to make them super comfortable; ships with large sterling silver push-backs. Because of how these are made, it is normal if the stones spin a bit on their setting. Ships in our signature silver jewelry box, perfect for gifting.

**PERIDOT is a dynamic expression of growth, renewal, and abundance. Its luminous green glow illuminates the path to personal growth, inspiring us to embrace change and move forward with confidence. As a symbol of the sun's energy, peridot infuses our spirit with positivity and hope, helping us to see the best in ourselves and in those around us. This radiant gemstone is a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, we can find the light within and draw strength from the limitless potential that lies within us. With its vibrant energy, peridot empowers us to reach for our dreams and create a brighter future.

**As the colors shown on monitors vary based on resolution, device/monitor type, and ambient lighting, please allow for some color variation.

SIZE : about 6mm around, or 1/4 inch
MATERIALS : Peridot, Sterling Silver
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