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Raw Tanzanite Post Earrings

Raw Tanzanite Post Earrings

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Check out Hanni's stunning handmade sterling silver and tanzanite earrings, adorned with raw tanzanite gemstones and delicately pinned with a silver ball. Crafted in our northern Michigan studio, these earrings showcase the perfect combination of elegance and raw beauty. Each earring features a unique raw tanzanite stone that exudes natural varying hues of blue-ish purple, making them a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The sterling silver ball perfectly complements the raw gemstone, creating a timeless yet contemporary design. 

Our pinned tanzanite studs are made with Argentium (tarnish resistant) silver and backed with large luxury sterling silver friction fit backs. Hanni cuts notches near the ends of the posts, and rounds the tips to make them super comfortable. Because of how these are made, it's normal if the stones move a bit on their settings.

**TANZANITE is a mesmerizing gemstone, embodying the essence of transformation and evolution. Its vivid blue-violet hue represents the fusion of sky and earth, symbolizing the infinite possibilities of growth and change. With every glimmer of light, Tanzanite ignites the imagination and inspires the wearer to reach for new heights. It is a stone of creativity, encouraging one to tap into their innermost desires and bring them to life. Tanzanite is a reminder that even the most stunning transformations start with a single spark, and it encourages us to embrace the unknown with wonder and awe.

**We do our best to represent colors as accurately as possible. Variations will occur due to monitor settings and ambient lighting.

SIZE : varies - about 1/4 - 3/8"
MATERIALS : Raw tanzanite, Sterling & Argentium Silver

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